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Julian Lin

CEO & President

Julian Lin is the CEO & President of China Intop Expo Co., Ltd. and is a veteran in the international exhibition service industry with over 15 years of experience. Since Intop Expo was founded in 2000, he has overseen all executive management responsibilities, including operations, strategy, and sales. Julian is a very active executive who will often visit show sites and participate in client meetings.

Julian believes that integrity is the key to success in business and life and ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships. He began Intop Expo with the goal of creating a reliable, modern platform uniting China to the world, that aims at creating new, exciting business opportunities founded on trust and cooperation.

Angela Chen


of Sales & Administration

Angela Chen has been with Intop Expo for over a decade.

Angela is responsible for managing functions essential to sales productivity, such as planning, reporting, quota setting, sales process optimization, sales training and recruiting and selection of sales team talent. Her role and responsibilities at Intop Expo are vital for the overall productivity and effectiveness of our sales teams' success.

Helen Hou

Vice-President of

Business Development & Public Relations

As the Vice-President of Business Development and Public Relations, Helen Hou is responsible for maximizing company revenue by building strategic partnerships with relevant parties.

By developing and implementing a comprehensive internal and external marketing plan to increase revenues and profits, Helen is essential in growing our business while upholding the values Intop Expo was founded on.

Amy Wang

Sales Director

In accordance with the company's annual sales plan, Amy Wang establishes sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for each sales department.

She is responsible for ensuring annual sales quotas are accomplished and leading sales teams to success.

She also directly manages the building materials department's planning, guidance, team morale, and consistent improvement, as well as the department's project management and sales follow up.

Julia Liu

Finance Director

Julia Liu's role as Finanace Director requires her to be reponsible for all financial aspects of our company's strategy and is expected to analyze relevant figures and carry out recommendations based on these findings, with the most profitable outcomes.